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Leadership Lessons at 28,000 Feet

Realize Your Dream

  • Do you constantly dream of escaping your life to pursue your true calling, but you’re too scared, or have no idea where to start?
  • Are you stuck on a hamster wheel, exhausted, drained, yet you believe you can’t stop running?
  • Do you wish you could embrace the challenge of winning that promotion, successfully switching to that career, overcoming those lifelong obstacles… living a different life?

The Ultimate Leadership Adventure

Extreme adventure and elite leadership meet in this spellbinding account of a veteran Fortune 200 executive’s quest to conquer the legendary Seven Summits—the highest mountain on every continent.

Are there truly business leadership lessons you can learn at 28,000 feet? Well, put it this way—on the mountain, with hurricane-force gales, extreme exposure, and falling ice-blocks the size of a house, if you don’t learn some lessons, and learn them fast, you simply die.

At a time when the rat race has millions of lives trapped, discouraged, and drained, ASCEND boldly declares you can embrace the challenge of living your dream, whatever that is. You simply need to know how.


Uncommon Leadership Lessons
In this captivating collection of motivating stories and profound leadership lessons, you will discover that:

  • Being specific about your dream is the key to getting started;
  • Solo journeys are risky journeys… but there is a place for them;
  • Doing what scares you in little doses will cause you to conquer gargantuan mountains;
  • Preparation minimizes risk. Dramatically;
  • Stubborn hubris can be deadly;

And much more…

Discover how to embrace the challenge of living your dream life right now!

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