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Speaking Testimonials

"Bravo!!! Mark's talk about the leadership lessons he gleaned from climbing was spellbinding and immensely powerful, the stories that he shared were very personal and came from his heart. The audience felt like they were right there with him"

"I felt like I was there on the mountain as Mark shared his stories. It was amazing how he weaved the stories of climbing in with his experience as an HR executive. His pictures from the climb were incredible, it made me want to be out in nature".

"Mark was one of the most entertaining speakers that we have ever had at our monthly HR forum. I have received so many favorable comments about the presentation. He would be an asset as a presenter at any conference or meeting. I highly recommend him"

"As I listened to Mark speak, I thought of the many leaders that I have had throughout my career and sadly, I can only think of one that totally embodied the leadership attributes that Mark spoke about. His stories had me on the edge of my seat. I have watched the Everest movie, but to actually hear someone describe what it is like to go through the Khumbu Icefall was spellbinding".

"Mark captivated the entire room. I wish that the leaders of my company could hear this presentation, it is that good".


Coaching Testimonials

"Mark has helped me redefine my career strategy, which has already made an enormous impact on my life"

"I wish that I had received coaching from Mark sooner. He has been one of the greatest influences on my life. He is passionate, articulate and caring. I value him for his insight and his wisdom. His questions are sometimes blunt, and sometimes subtle, but always on the mark."

"I was tasked with turning around a highly dysfunctional and underperforming team, and Mark's coaching was instrumental in helping me through this process. I love when he applies what he learned on his climbs, to actual corporate situations, and am always amazed at how transferable the climbing lessons are into the corporate world".

"Coach Mark has a deep understanding of leadership and employee issues in Corporate America. He has coached me through some very delicate employee relations and corporate politics issues".

"Mark is a remarkable coach. He has truly helped me to become a visionary leader and has helped me master my own psychology as a leader including navigating my way through some deep-seated fears and doubts. I would highly recommend him".

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