Leadership Coaching

Coaching Leaders to Achieve Their Loftiest Goals

Summit Paradigm Leadership Coaching

As a leadership coach, I work with executives, senior managers, and high-potential employees to help them:

  • Gain self-awareness
  • Clarify goals
  • Achieve their development objectives
  • Unlock their potential
  • Act as a sounding board

I am not a consultant or a therapist, and my style is to refrain from giving advice or solving my client’s problems. Instead I ask a variety of pointed questions to help the client reach their own conclusions, clarify their issues, solve their problems and move forward to achieving real-world results toward their goals and dreams.

The objective of our coaching will be to improve your ability to lead, and achieve specific organizational objectives. Thus leadership coaching is not the same as life coaching, but  because good leadership is so often tied to personal values and characteristics, there is overlap between the two.

We might address personal issues that might be holding you back, so this process can be very helpful in your personal growth and relationships.

I break down the six areas for which I can provide coaching, below...

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Individual Coaching Programs

Various areas in which I can provide coaching include:

Executive Presence
Let me help you develop the “IT FACTOR.” This is the blending of competencies, temperament, and skills, that leaders must embody to get ahead, influence others and drive results.

Career Advancement
Feeling stuck or frustrated in your career direction or level? My coaching can help you turbocharge the upward trajectory of your career.

Human Resources
As a leader you will be faced with challenging human resource issues. It comes with the territory. I have over twenty years of human resource experience, and have dealt with the most challenging employee relations issues. I assure you I can help you with whatever unique and difficult “people situations” you may be facing.

Lead with Influence
You can’t lead without influence, and you can’t have influence if you are not a leader. I can help you become an influencer. Once you have positive perception and visibility, people will listen to what you have to say.

Newly Promoted
“Forty percent of newly promoted employees fail within the first eighteen months”. I can help you effectively navigate your transition to the next level to ensure that you will succeed.

Transition Coaching
Let me help you learn to cope and adapt to challenging life and career transitions. We will tap into your potential so you can discover and seize the many opportunities that lie ahead. Let’s explore your passions, interests, values, strengths and core beliefs.

Aside from my Individual Coaching Programs, I also offer Experiential Coaching in the form of lifechanging Expeditions. To supercharge your career, I recommend both.

Or you can send me an email, or give me a call to begin your journey toward real results.